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When you cross my mind you best look both ways.

...because my personality's bigger than yours.

8 June
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Umm, I'm an annoying mix of useful and esoteric information, and of intelligence and stupidity. I excel at planning things but suck at execution. I am a practising Christian, one day I'll get it right.

I love cars, dogs (there are two very energetic retrievers at my home in Manchester) and anything that makes me laugh. I hate hypocrites, people who don't think and rudeness. For fun I go to the Bristol Juggling Convention, D1GP or just hoon around with my friends.

I'm a massive car nerd, a big geek and a moderate smoker (Cutters' Choice only please). My worst character traits are laziness and my habit of being quiet rather than angry. My best are my generosity, loyalty and the fact I'm emotionally bomb-proof.